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Do you view facials as just a luxury? When you look at someone (or someone looks at you) what is the first thing you see?…. THEIR FACE! While makeup can cover up our flaws, wouldn’t it better used to enhance our already fabulous skin? We think so. In fact, heres 10 reasons why a facial can benefit you.

1. Increses circulation of the blood under your skin allowing the skin optimal health to facilitate the renewal of skin cells

2. Facials aid in detoxification

3. It can help smooth fine lines, promoting collagen production during facial massages (which feels pretty good too!)

4. Cleanses your pores on a deeper level then you could at home. If pores remain clogged, they can start to stretch and widen because of oil and debris accumulating

5. Facials provide a more intense exfoliation which allows the penetration ofmoisturizers and serums. It also evens your skin tone creating a natural glow

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6. Facials include a product consultation so that you are using exactly what you need for your home care

7. Slows down aging process, allowing your skin to feel healthier, smoother, and more radiant

8. Can even out your skin tone making age spots and dark spots become less visible

9. Although not a “miracle” in an hour, facials give you a healthier start to great skin

10. (This ones our favorite) They provide you with relaxation which is great for the mind, body, and soul. Who doesn’t need a little “stress relief” in their life!

At Donaylle Nicole Hair Studio we use Bioelements proffesional skincare system. It gives the best quality and performance that you could ever want wIthout using artificial colorants, synthetic fragrences or parabens which can irritate and damage skin. They are known for their custom blending. They have 8 highly concentrated formulas to zero in on your specific skin care needs- from aging to irritation, and everything in between. Custom blending means we can create a facial specifically for you!

If you haven’t tried a facial yet, it’s definitley time. If you have any questions our skin care specialist, Kendra, would love to offer a FREE skin consultation as well as 30% off for new clients. Reserve your appointment today!

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